Meet the Founder


My name is Yuleisy (u- lacy) Cardoso and founder of Mindful Journey. I am a Mental Health and Marriage and Family therapist, author, and teacher whose passion is empowering others to live a meaningful, loving, and mindful life.


Mindfulness and meditation have played a significant role in my life for over 15 years and has made me a loyal practitioner of this healing modality. During my graduate years at UCF, my faith and passion for meditation as a healing tool led me on a journey of scientific discovery that enlightened me as to why and how meditation works--from reshaping and rewiring our brains to re-booting our emotional bodies.


As a researcher myself, I was inspired by the science. Hence, I brought the healing tool into my therapeutic work with families, couples, and individuals struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic stress and other such emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments. I found through my research and work in the field that Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness meditation practices can be most effective in helping to heal such ailments and can provide a sense of overall well-being.


I actively facilitate workshops throughout the communities I serve that will teach others the science of living happier and fulfilling lives by reshaping and rewiring their brains using this ancient, effective, and evidence-based tool.