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6 Week Online Stress Reduction Course

Tired of feeling overwhelmed or burned out? Struggling with racing thoughts and low moods too often? Learn how you can you change that and experience more moments of peace, love, and gratitude. 

SIGN UP for my Live ONLINE 6-week-course to REDUCE STRESS and IMPROVE MOOD significantly using the evidence-based tool of mindfulness.


Course Curriculum:


Week 1: Intro to Mindfulness and Chronic Stress

Week 2: Thoughts (How They Shape your Reality)

Week 3: Emotions (How to Navigate Uncomfortable Emotions)

Week 4: Intro to Loving-Kindness Technique

Week 5: Mindful Movement

Week 6: Wrap-Up and Review

Class Date:
  • March 27th Sunday  @ 10-11 am
  • May 1st Sunday @ 10-11 am

Learn stress reduction techniques and mindfulness techniques that will help:

  • Slow the racing thoughts 

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Reduce migraines and chronic pain

  • Improve sleep

  • Improve mood and boost creativity

  • Increase mental energy

  • Improve memory, focus, patience

  • Manage anger and sadness in healthier ways

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